Monday, April 13, 2009

Pre-K Cuteness

Some great quotes from my kiddos:

-- "My brother's the oldest, I'm the middlest, and then my other brother's the youngest."
-- [upon seeing a picture of "Mr. Ryan"] "Oh! It's your very very very cute Daddy!"  When asked WHY he was my "very cute" daddy, the answer was "His very very cute curls."  This from a four-year old curly-head herself.
-- (student:) "You don't live with your Mommy anymore, do you?" (Me:) "No- she lives far away, and I miss her." [student ponders a while, then with the grin of a wonderful new idea:] "I know!  When you grow up, you could marry her!  Then you'll always be together!"  LOLOLOL
-- [upon hearing the likely name of our baby, should she be a girl] "And then when she grows up, I guess you can give her a real name."
-- (Me:) "Remember, never give your name to a stranger on the phone." (Student, laughing hysterically as if I'd just said the funniest thing ever:) "Of course not!  Strangers are only in the FOREST!"
-- [while playing "house"] "Oh no!  The babies are sick!  I think they have RA (rheumatoid arthritis)!! We'd better take them to the doctor!"  [this child's Daddy was recently diagnosed with that disease]
-- [part of a discussion of why I couldn't go to Disney World with her family this summer] "Mr. Ryan could just hold the baby!"
-- "Wealthy.... oooh!  Yike (like) you have yots (lots) of dollars!..." 
-- (discussing a mysterious plant growing in my garden:) "I'll bet it's a killing flower."
-- [while outside, watching a bird flying overhead] (seriously, with no trace of emotion:) "You know, there's a kind of bird that will rip open a child."
-- [on the story of the crucifixion:] "Dat was not nice to kill Jesus.  Dat was not nice at all."  (Sometimes the understatements are harder to take in stride than the crazy things they come up with.)
-- [on the leech sisters of Proverbs 30:15, who are greedy and selfish:] "They need to be born again."

Two isms my kids use:
- "What's us'n gonna do?"  ("What are we going to do?")
- "What that is?"  ("What is that?")

And my current favorite, related to me by a parent:
Parent: "It's hard to obey God sometimes, isn't it?  It's usually easier to sin than do the right thing.  Who do we need to ask for help when we are having a hard time wanting to obey?"
Child: "Ummmm"  (thinks for a while and is totally stumped)
Parent: "Who helps us obey God?"
Child, after thinking for a while again,: "ummmm.... Mrs. Szrama?"

HAHAHAHHA now they're confusing me with the Holy Spirit!!! LOL! 


Rebecca Elves said...

so what names do you have picked out for the baby??

Eowyn's Heir said...

for a boy, Gandalf Jedidiah Fernando, or Gandinando for short.

for a girl, Lyla Delilah Rayne or just Delilah.

....just kidding... we're not really telling people at this point. ;)

Rebecca Elves said...

you should stick with Gandalf.

are you going to find out the sex of the baby or are you letting it be a surprise?

Eowyn's Heir said...

we find out the sex on May 4th (hopefully)!!! when we know the sex, we'll tell people the name. We just don't want to give away all our plans!