Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Smiles

My Mommy came to visit me for a long Easter weekend.  As a teacher, she doesn't get much time off, either, so it was now-or-never kinda thing!  She hitched a ride with some friends whom my Dad knows through work back in Greenville, and whose kids go to Immanuel (how cool is that!?), and got dropped off at my school on Thursday afternoon.  She got to watch (had to endure?) me teach my last two choir classes of the day, then rode home with me!  We got to go to my Seminary Wives class that night-- she is a huge fan of Dr. Whitney, whose wife teaches my class-- and that was a blessing for both of us.  Friday I had one of my periodic "bad days," and spent the day running to the bathroom and dozing on the couch.  We got to talk a little between bouts of my... sickness... and it was a miracle how all sorts of things around the house were cleaned while I was sick!  Every time my Mom visits, so does our household brownie! ;)  Anyway  Saturday I was feeling a little better so we made the rounds of Peddler Malls (looking for a secondhand dresser/changing table that I can strip and refinish), errands, and maternity clothes shopping.  She even treated me to lunch at P.F. Chang's, my favorite chinese bistro!  It was so nice just to have a mommy to talk to; someone who is glad to listen to all my prattle (hehe she hasn't had to for the past few months, so it's a nice change I guess), who is always on my side by default, who understands pregnancy and marriage and child-rearing, and who is always trying to serve me and my family.  I miss her so much now that she's gone.  I'll get to see her in Canada next month, or else the wait would be so much less bearable-- maybe I'll make it down to visit HER in Greenville this July, but it might be August before I see her, when she comes up to help with the nursery.  Here are a few pictures from our visit... more to come to Facebook soon, and I'll post a link here.


Wakenda said...

Does Southern offer a Seminary Husbands class too?

Eowyn's Heir said...

silly! The purpose of the SWI classes to allow the wives of men already IN seminary or at Boyce College to get theological and ministerial training they'd otherwise never have available to them. It's great! It's really inexpensive ($10 a class!) and they get quality professors and professors' wives to teach, and they even have free child care during the classes! The subjects range from the Spiritual Disciplines to Systematic Theology to Hospitality to Hymn-playing to Marriage & the Family. They have saturday seminars once a term, too, and they cover very useful topics to a minister's wife like ... Decorating on a Budget and... Feeding a Crowd. :) While some wives can afford to enroll at the Seminary alongside their husbands, most are too busy raising children, working to help pay for school, or are just too poor! Such is seminary life! ... and lots of pastors' lives, too, actually. So "Seminary Wives" isn't a class, it's a whole program to encourage serious spirituality and study among the wives of men spending all their days hitting the theology books. I'm taking "Spiritual Disciplines" this term, and it's very good.