Sunday, April 26, 2009

An "Heirloom" Tomato

...very brief post before I go back to lie down-- the sinus infection leaves me drained. I'll spare you the details. :) My concert Friday night went really well- the Lord gave me the strength to conduct all 70 kids without collapsing or killing any of them. :) The kids really made me proud-- "Oh Shenandoah" brought down the house! My midwife worked me in that morning and diagnosed the sinus infection (that had me draggin' since Monday), got me on antibiotics, and so I'm sure that helped. The fever's mostly gone, at least! Anyway, I am now 19 weeks along and it's time to update how big our munchkin is! I think I'm done throwing up, but I can't be sure because a nasty side-effect of all the sinus drainage is an irritated stomach. I'm also definitely pregnant-looking now- I had to wear a maternity shirt to conduct! This week I just sort of popped out!

So there you have it-- I conducted a concert carrying around a little tomato, and a lot of bugs. :)


Jeannette said...

So glad to hear you're over your vomiting! Praying you'll feel much better the remaining weeks of your pregnancy.

Amy Donell Molina said...

I know how you feel. I'm just finally getting over a cold... all the drainage and congestion provoked a lot of coughing which in turn still... sometimes... provokes throwing up.... but I prefer it over nasea throwing up. :) ANYWAY....
I just kinda popped out too around 20-21 weeks... and now.. it seems like I can't stop it! AHH! BUT... the greatest thing is feeling the baby move and kick... it's taken up boxing... or gymnastics... or something! But it's one of the greastest feelings! Have you had any fluttering yet?