Wednesday, April 08, 2009


You know I liked it a lot when I saw it a few months back, and here is a blog post by pastor & author Douglas Wilson that kind of explains why.  

One quote: If I set myself to think of couples in marriages that I think would be greatly helped by watching this movie, I would run out of fingers inside of a minute. I can also think of Christians who would be offended by the schlock, but many of them would be those who know more about how a movie ought to be made than about how a woman ought to be treated. And they would rather watch a movie about a woman being abused so long as the movie was made right than to have the woman treated right in a movie that offended their refined sensibilities. So which is the altar and which is the sacrifice? Makes me think of Augustine's comment about rhetors who cared far more about avoiding grammatical misuse of the word man than they cared about their actual treatment of actual men.
[BTW: The comments following the blog post are interesting and in some cases, unbelievable!  I know I can get hung up on what my friends & I used to call "TCPC crap" (theologically correct politically correct), but some of those commenting take it to a whole new level.  Yikes!  As if people who are used to a counterfeit finding a common jive in the real somehow indicates that the real is deficient... (I mean the allegation that if a Mormon isn't offended by it, the movie must be awful)]

I personally enjoyed a movie with no sex, no nudity, no profanity, and lots of hard real-life love, real "this is so stupid but I still am going to fight with you about it" husband-wife moments, humor, and a clear Gospel presentation.  I LOVED being able to leave feeling only encouraged, without any phrases or scenes to try to block out of my head.  I hope more such movies are made, and that they get better and better and better!  I guess the best way to make that happen is to promote these initial tries (which ARE getting better style-wise), and keep encouraging improvement!

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