Thursday, April 16, 2009

America's Scariest Drives

This little article on Yahoo Travel, "America's Scariest Drives," made me shudder... and laugh as I thought of your honeymoon horror-drive story, Jacqui! :)


Jacqui O. said...

Wow, some of those drives do look scary! They should include Worman Road/Miami Mountain Road in Mariposa, CA on that list. As the NASA website says, "Caution: If using a mapping website for driving directions from the bay area, do not take Worman Road or Miami Mountain Road. These roads are rural, unpaved roads made for four wheel drive and recreational vehicles only.":

Too bad no one told us that before we drove a convertible for 16 miles on that windy, deep-ditched road--what an adventure!

Have you received anything in the mail from me lately? =)

Eowyn's Heir said...

Oh YES I have, Jacqui!! Thank you so much!! We got it last week, and I've been meaning and meaning to call you! I've been out of town and sick (this time with a bad cold on top of the usual... oh what a lovely combination), so it's been harder... but we love it!! I can't wait to start using 'em! :) You are so thoughtful, and Ryan & I laughed at the card, too.