Sunday, April 19, 2009

It Was Kind of Like Christmas...

Firstly, because all our Presley family was there.

The "kids table" (hehe yes Ryan & I were still there) at breakfast Sunday morning

Secondly, because I got lots of awesome presents! (sort of =D)

Let me explain: Ryan's mama turned 50 this month (wahoo!!), and to celebrate, we all snuck over the mountains to Grandpa & Grandma Presley's house to surprise her! By "we all" I meant Aunt Karen (Mom's sister), Uncle Jeff, and their daughters Kelly (17) and Kasey (15); Ryan & I, and all his siblings-- Greg & Kendi, Nathan, and Courtney-- and of course the unwitting guest of honor herself, brought ENTIRELY unawares by Ryan's step-dad! Oh it was a great surprise. :) I was on Spring Break, and Ryan's job is now portable, so we took off Thursday night, and arrived in Abingdon, VA around 11 that night. It was a great weekend, and Ryan even got a full day's work in. :) (I got some work done, too... reading for a French curriculum)

The gifts? Well, those were actually hand-me-downs for the baby. :) My Tia Virginia lives in D.C. and so do Greg & Kendi. They very generously agreed to cart 3 boxes full of unisex newborn -3 mos clothes, baby towels, baby gear and an an infant bath tub to us. I had so much fun opening and sorting everything! To think this is just for a little itty bitty baby!

Topping of the german chocolate cake Kendi made (it was from scratch, and from what I heard, it was delectable!). I LOVED the "RSVP" headstone!

The other cake -- a picture of Mom when she was a baby, and another family pic from Greg & Kendi's wedding last fall.

Ryan working hard. I was so proud of him. :)

Candid of Nathan & Mom, who were deep in conversation.

Uncle Jeff & Aunt Karen. Later they regaled us with quotes off of Kelly's blog. HILARIOUS.

Grandpa grilling out for us all. Yummy!

More pics from the weekend are available here.

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Ryan Szrama said...

I love it when grandpa grills for us! : )