Thursday, May 01, 2008

DSCS Update

From all reports, the Spring Concert was a smashing success! We packed out the recital hall, started on time, ended on time, and even had a semi-decent dress rehearsal! The soloists and Honors Ensemble made me so proud! The student percussionists did a great job, too. Only sad thing...The 7/8th graders did come in in two seperate keys, unfortunately separated by only a major second... but they fixed it by the end of the song, and will hopefully get it right on our concert this Friday (at a local nursing home). If only they sing LOUD ENOUGH... old people are pretty deaf... and they're pretty quiet. On top of their usual aversion to singing audibly is Louisville-Spring-time-itis... aka AWFUL allergies, courtesy of the Ohio River Basin.
My Kiddos

Don't these guys look good in black & white?
The Conductor Herself

So relieved to be DONE! :)

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