Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Me & My Pow'ls (said fast, it sounds like Pals)

Noah in his post-milk-stupor.
The scrumptilicious loaded gluten-free pizza we made! (and yes, Chris was there, but somehow didn't make it into the pictures)

Bath night...
Brushing Little Princess

He is SUCH a happy boy!

Matching Sun-squinty-faces

Way to go, Val on this one. Hehe, we were all matching in red.

I loved this ladybug dress so much, I *had* to buy it for my Hannah...

Basically, I can't believe they're moving... that it will be who knows how long before I see them again... and that Val & I neglected to get any pictures of US together... :(

Those kids are so photogenic. My heart just breaks to think about them moving away from Greenville, where at least I'm guaranteed regular visits (because my family's there, too)... but Val & I realized that Toronto's only about an hour further for us to drive from Louisville! We have another family of friends living in Toronto, too, so we're sure to have excuses to make that drive! So that makes it seem not quite so bad. In all honesty, I can't even tell y'all how much I miss Val --and all my other dear Sisters, and certain Brothers-- from here. It usually hits me hard when I walk into a church fellowship of some kind, with all these sweet Christian women whom I DON'T know... I just want to run and hide most of the time, and be with the ones I already love and already know. I just want to be able to talk to "my" Valerie! But God sustains me and gives me the will and desire to keep on committing to love the ones I'm with, and seek to know and serve them. That perspective helps bust me out of my scared-self-focus real fast.

--Christina... resolved to enjoy Kentucky as long as she is here.

p.s. for more pictures of the WHOLE trip (aka Trin & Jonas' church bridal shower, and a few snatched pictures with my parents & sister Nicole), click HERE.

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melandaaron said...

looks like a fun visit..and the pizza looks yummy...by the way I love the dress...