Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Carnage

or, "Why I Am Not Posting More Today (or cleaning my disarrayed kitchen, for that matter)"

This has been the state of our living room for the past 2 days... it started on Monday, and though the end is in sight, so is the mess right now...

Heheheh, another humorous event has been the addition of ANOTHER double bed into our family. We now have 1 queen, 2 double beds (with box springs,one with a frame), 1 double futon, and a set of twin bunk beds!! So that's enough room to sleep up to 10 people... we're joking about starting a leper colony... in our dining room? This has brought no small amusment to our friends who know how many people live in our house, and how many rooms they occupy. We're just getting ready...

Between company on Sunday, the beds, the boxes, the ant offensive, and the grading, our home is the messiest it's ever been. The term "like a tornado went through" seems gentle... but Awards Day's tomorrow, then I'm DONE!!!! That'll be the "good time." In the meantime, you can smile at my crazy house, and feel better about YOURS! :)

--Christina <-- a teacher who loves her job despite it all


AE said...

that is definantly a Christina creativity/gettin' it done mess! :).... you´ll clean it up real good when your done... i know... from experience! :)

i´m glad you're almost done!

why so many beds? how many rooms are in your house? preparing for WHOM???????? :)

Eowyn's Heir said...

hehehe thanks. :)

That was all grading for my choir classes. Can you believe it!?

And we really haven't meant to accumulate so many beds; we just have. When we have our full house we'll use them for guests, and eventually (read: EVENTUALLY!) kids. Until then, it's just funny. Oh, and one of the beds we were storing for a friend. He went to India, so he REALLY couldn't take it with him. Supposedly he's going to live with us for a while when he gets back, so we're holdin' until then!