Monday, May 12, 2008

Even quicker update

The concert at the nursing home is over (yay!). Even more, it went GREAT!! The Activities Director was glowing in her praise; the kids sang well, and treated the residents with respect; the residents joined in on the hymns with gusto (and so did the staff and most of the parents)... the highlight for me was getting to shake hands with and talk to a WW2 veteran! Mr. Joel is sharp as a tack, QUITE capable and knowledgeable, with a firm handshake and a twinkle in his eye. I called over all my boys and had them shake his hand-- they've been well-raised enough to understand somewhat of how high an honor that was.

After the concert was over, I had the opportunity to engage some of my students at length while we waited for their parents to pick them up. I treasure those moments! What a great privelege and responsibility it is to get to speak truth into their lives!

My only regret is that so many of those delightful people at the nursing home are... at the nursing home. Sure, it's a NICE place (one of the nicest I've ever seen), and of course they enjoyed one another... but why is Mr. Joel there, shaking hands with 4 of my students one day a year instead of in a home with his grandsons, instructing and inspiring them every day of their lives? What a travesty and tragedy that the nursing home has replaced the fire-side rocking chair. Grandmothers, grandfathers, great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers used to be the prime babysitters, knitters, assistant chefs and general listeners... and how tragic that so many of our children miss that. (Of course I know that sometimes it's the choice of the older person to go to a nursing home, or that there is such a medical demand that a specialized facility would be safer or in some other way better, but I stand firm that those are the exceptions, not the rules!)

Mom & Dad, you always will be welcome to stay with us. Let me rephrase that: MOM can stay with us anytime, all the time. (and I mean all our Moms) Not so if you continue to tease me, Dad. Then it's a state-run nursing home for you. ;) (and that goes for all 3 of our Dads, too... all of you treat me about the same as far as jabbing goes...hehehe and NO I do NOT bring it on myself.) Ahh, the blessings of family life...

Off to plant my seeds (I think that Spring has finally stuck around here), then it's upstairs for a floor-stainin' party with my hubby! Wahoo! And YAY for not having to do any more lesson plans!!!!

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Ryan said...

The dads can stay on my side of the house.