Friday, May 09, 2008

Quick Update

Where did April go, and what is May doing already here???

Quick SzramaClan update...

We (Ryan & I) are doing so well, by God's grace. Our house is almost done!! We're working all day Saturday to finish staining the upstairs floor, then we'll polyeurethane it next week, and ...paint!! YAHOO!!!! I am so relieved that the end is in sight! Ryan was a total STUD (no pun intended), and with the help of our buddy Warren (whose wife was also out of town last weekend), not only scraped & repaired our upstairs floor, but also STAINED a whole room-- to surprise me!!! You can guess what my reaction was. :)

I have one more concert to conduct today, and then it's all grade-crunching and Awards Day prep... so still two more weeks of work to go for me, but it's a different sort of work. Paperwork is tedious, but it's a lot less physically demanding than in-class teaching is. And these last few days of actual class are fun-- a Mother's Day Tea in my preschool classes, Choir Parties in my middle school classes, then Field Day. My Honors Ensemble will perform at Awards Day and Graduation, so we've got 2 more rehearsals, but they are so good and well-behaved that I'm not stressed about those at all! The concert today, on the other hand... oh well, whatever happens, the experience will be good for the kids. We're singing in a local nursing home, so they'll be a sweet audience-- if only the kdis will sing OUT!!! So, I'm trying not to stress about that... Just praying and trusting and resolving to laugh about it if it flops.

I think I'd better go shower and head out for the concert. Pray for us!! The concert is at 3!!
--Christina, sprinting for the Finish Line

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