Friday, May 23, 2008

And so fulfill the Law of Christ...

We have a pickup truck. We are members of church with a lot of seminary-families and college students.

Seminary couples and students often move. Like every year (as in Ashlea's case).

Enough said. :)

Last Saturday we got to help two of our friends move-- Ashlea D. in the morning, and Jenny & Aaron Montgomery in the late evening. It was a wonderful opportunity to serve and share our gifts (like... THE TRUCK!). It was also a chance to get some great fellowship, as we are part of church FULL of those willing to help one another. It makes me so sad to think of people without this kind of help, either because they aren't believers and so aren't in church, or because they're not members of a local body, or because they're in churches that don't obey the call to community; this is the way God has ordained for it to be, and it is sweet!!

We didn't get much house-cleaning or floor-staining done, though. I am so thankful for a husband who is so willing to share his time, his energy, and his possessions to serve others! Ryan, you are a champ!

Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ. Galatians 6:2

Yes, I know I just took that verse completely out of context, and that the Apostle Paul wasn't talking about literally carrying eachother's boxes of stuff... but the Spirit applies, I think... Moving is one way of caring for/loving eachother, and "Love is the fulfillment of the Law." Right? (Romans 13:10) Besides, it does sort of fit in a slap-it-on kinda way... ;)

Doorway of Ashlea's new abode.

Some of Ashlea's belongings, packed on the Brainard's trailer, which they share quite freely! As the following pictures will show, we experienced some strange gender-role-reversals throughout the moving process...

Manly Mandy (Amanda Brainard)

Yes, Ryan is wearing a top-knot. No, it is not my rubber band.

I thought this version could be a rock album cover or something scary and emo...

Joseph Denka & Andy McLurg, hard at work.

Toto, not working.

Lyle, working quite cheerfully.
(I'm noticing an odd man out on this idea of working...)

Who knew the stairs would be such a great place for a photo-op!? Although Ryan & Ben (Brainard) look somewhat scary...

The aftermath.

Chilling after a lot of trips up stairs.

Between movings, we went to see the new Prince Caspian, which I plan to discuss in a whole 'nother post. Now I must clean my house. YAHOO!!! I am seriously so excited about doing this!!! (That tells you just how bad it must be, for me to be looking forward to cleaning it.) Now for some good listening music or sermoning while I clean...



Bolo said...

Absolutely incorrect. You show up LATE and then you commit libel when you accuse ME of not working. Pfft.

FYI, your husband just talked about sneezing and pooping. Said it was the best and smoothest experience ever. Yup.

Jeannette said...

Ryan and Christina, I'm so glad you were able to help Ashlea move. And thanks for posting pictures of her new apartment. I don't know when we'll be back in Louisville to see it ourselves. I think we need to get that girl her own camera!