Monday, April 21, 2008

As the Clock Runs on Towards Midnight

With what is for me "The" concert fast approaching (THIS FRIDAY!!), it's a daily fight -- no, make that an hourly fight-- to keep from letting the hundreds of little preparations darken my mind. Sometimes I feel like come 7 pm on Friday, I'll turn into a pumpkin instead of direct a group of wonderful, albeit small, singers, and individual performers whom I've auditioned, coached and approved. Pray for me! I do NOT want to be stressed. As a certain Prince of mine reminded me "Life is better lived enjoyed."

A sweet reprieve in this cloudiness came as I heard this song over the radio in the school office. It teared me up then, and as I listened to it now I outright cried. It's for every daughter and every father, or anyone who hopes to become one... for anyone who has sweet memories, or hard regrets, or hope for the futures... because the clock DOES strike midnight, but it's never too late to have one last dance. I love you, Daddy.

PS Here's the "Story Behind the Song"


melandaaron said...

wow.. thanks for sharing the story behind the song.. i love that song it touches my heart!

AE said...

talk about makin' ya cry!!!!!!!!! i hadn¡t heard that song.... really good. thanks christina maria