Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Portland in Pictures

Alone on top of a wide, green world; the view from Rob & Joanna's living room

Well, have at 'em! I've got two whole albums for ya to see. :)

Portland, Oregon: The first chronicles Sunday - Wednesday of our trip; the house, Israeli folk dancing, the Evergreen Aviation Museum (aka Spruce Goose museum) & Vineyards, and several meals (lots of cooking styles; Southern, Thai, then Lebanese). Most are taken in Portland, but some are taken in Lincoln City, by the coast, and on the way there. See Ryan's blog for a full account of Tuesday's excursions! (let me say here that the food at Andaman Thai tasted every bit as good as it looked... and it looked... amazing.)

We also had a get-together of our extended family "on Joanna's side" at Ya Halla! (the Lebanese restaurant where Ryan's parents threw us a celebratory feast when we got engaged last year. It's becoming a tradition!)-- all of Ryan's steps and their families were there; Willy & Iala, Jenny & Aaron and little Shyanna, and James & Mindy.

Portland II: this covers Thursday - Sunday; return to Multnomah Falls, Shabbat meal, and our time in the Midway (Chicago) Airport

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melandaaron said...

looks like you guys had an awesome time!