Sunday, April 13, 2008

And, We're Back!

Well, guys, it was a wonderful week. My Uncle Duncan (who is a pilot with Southwest) & Aunt Robin gave us 2 "buddy passes" as a graduation gift, good for any round-trip in the States. We redeemed them this past week by flying out to Portland, Oregon, to visit Ryan's father & step-mother there. It was pretty much a perfect "Spring Break."

I promise I DID try to update while we were there, but encountered enough technical difficulties that Ryan urged me to scrap it. When HE (Mr. computer-nerd-himself) says that, I figure it's a lost cause. ANYWAY we got held up in Chicago last night, and flew in to Louisville this morning early enough to make Sunday School, if that tells you how early we got up. In other words, I am tired. Too tired to make a post... it'd be run-on and boring anyway.

The pictures are me being my goofy-wired-self at 6 am Central Time, in the Midway Airport. We always wanted to spend a weekend in Chicago... too bad we got in too late and left too early to see anything but street lights...

I want to go to bed!! I think I just might. Work tomorrow does NOT sound appealing. But a thankful heart is a happy heart... so here I go, smiling. :)


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