Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cute Little Girls Singing BIG SONGS

This adorable little girl can be found performing in both Mandarin and English on YouTube... amazing pitch matching for a 2 year old!!! :)

Singing "Amazing Grace"

Singing "The Lord's Prayer" (I LOVE her hand motions)

And lastly, but not leastly, my friend Sarah's little girl, Maddie. And again.

Makes a music teacher's heart happy.

Which reminds me...

Let me just share one thing that I KNOW you do NOT want to instill in your kids. Several of my middle schoolers- boys- have lately decided that singing is not manly. When I've probed and prodded them on the issue, more than one has said; "Oh, I'm just like my Dad-- he doesn't sing at church, either." YIKES!! I'm quite sure that hearing their sons say that would break their dads' hearts-- these are men who deeply desire to raise up godly offspring. They likely either don't realize how much their sons are watching them during worship, or how important singing (and music) is to God. We've got a whole book FULL of commands to do it!! (The Psalms)

Whatever happened to heartfelt singing being a part of godly manhood? King David, slayer of Goliath and greatest leader of Isreal was also the main psalmist... most of the musicians recorded for us in Scripture are MEN!! (Asaph, Hiram, the Sons of Korah...) So, Dads, and single guys for that matter, consider your MUSICAL testimony as part of your ministry to those around you, especially those looking up to you. Don't be the kind of father who makes your child's teachers cringe. Or your child's Father cringe...


Jeannette said...

I think it's great that these parents have the wisdom to teach their children great hymns of the faith at such a young age. Sadly, we didn't do much beyond the children's choruses.

Eowyn's Heir said...

hehehe.. .I think that one daughter of yours has made up for lost time on that one... ;)