Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Ups and Downs of Adoption- Please Pray

I just received the following email from a family in our church who has been trying to adopt... Please pray for peace in their hearts, and grace for this baby girl-- please, Lord, let her be kept in this believing home!!


"Dear All,

The below email was supposed to send yesterday, but failed. I have kept it for you to read. Please pray for us. There is a chance that Amber will leave our home and go back to the birthmom. This grieves our hearts.

Please Pray.

Love,Weyland & Katie


Family & Friends,Many thanks for all the prayers, phone calls, help & encouragement!Sorry for the lack of communication. . .we forgot our computer power cord! Weyland made many trips to Radio shack and best buy to try and find something compatible with our laptop and he just now figured it out! Thanks Weyland!

Here are some pictures of our beautiful Amber Kate! She is such a good baby and we are amazed that God has given us this precious gift to steward! We are still in here waiting for our paperwork to clear and the birth mom's rights to be completely terminated. Please pray for this process to be speedy and successful! If everything goes well, we could be home by Wednesday or thursday, or have to stay as long as another week past that time! Amber is a trooper and has adjusted to our current nomad lifestyle! We have been so blessed by friends and friends of friends who have hosted us these last few days! What a blessing to not be stuck in a motel for weeks!

Amber Says Hello. . .she is six days old today!

We love you all,

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