Friday, November 23, 2007

A Presley Thanksgiving, Part the First: Thanksgiving Dinner

The menfolk, setting up the table (under womanly direction, of course)

Socializing before the Big Meal-- that's Kasey, the youngest of the Presley clan, stretched out across one couch-- and yes, Ryan IS using a Mac.

Dad, Carving the Turkey

The heavily-laden table, ready to go.

The Kitchen-ward side of the Family Table: Mom, Dad, & Kendi (Greg's girlfriend)

Those actually in the Dining Room: Greg (Ryan's oldest brother), Grandpa, Grandma, Courtney, Kelly, Kasey, Aunt Karen, Uncle Jeff, & Nathan (Ryan's younger brother)

And, the new couple!! :) One of the "Thank-yous" from around the table was that this year, there were 14 settings, instead of the 12 there have been for so long. :) Another, from Ryan's step-dad, was "that we all get along so well." And that was SO true! Ryan said he was glad for "4 Szramas this year." Grandma's summed up the biggest blessing: "all 14 of us know and love the Lord Jesus Christ." What a tremendous blessing!!

This must be pretty common, because Kendi looks pretty nonchalant about it... :)

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