Monday, November 12, 2007

Hard to Concentrate

Home earlier on Mondays than I do on most days, and sometimes it's hard to motivate myself to start grading papers. Especially tonight, when my head hurts and I'd rather do something like... sleep. :) I caught some cold from one of my kiddos, I fear...

Anyway, Ryan & I heard this song at a friend's wedding, and he immediately pegged it as sounding like a Red Hot Chili Peppers song. We got home and checked, and, yhup! Sure 'nuf, it was. It's been on our YouTube playlists ever since (Ryan's been on an 'All-American Rejects' kick lately, too... as long as it isn't the Cranberries, "Running through my head..." GRR!). So I thought I'd put a plug in for the song (it was written for another band member to use to propose to his fiancee), and also summarize my mood at the moment. :) The song is sweet to me especially as a newly-wed. As we're married longer & longer, I see that, as imperfect and fallen as we are, Ryan truly is "perfect" for me. And I am happy... two pictures that show it, I think.

"Finally, you have found something perfect, and
Finally, you have found... yourself."
( by the way: I think I really look like my Dad's Mom in this picture)

"All I want is for you to be happy, and
Take this moment to make you my family..."

So, yeah... I think I'm gonna put in Little Women and grade 7th-8th grade choir quizzes to that. Then I'll do a craft as a reward. :)
~Mrs. Szrama
PS- I've learned to make quite convincing mocha-like concoctions in my blender! They nip my Starbucks craving in the bud; no sugar added, and using rice milk, for about $.25 a pop instead of $4.24...


Jacquita Banana said...

Christina, you have blessed my life so much!!! I have shared the sermons you sent me with several friends, I'm giving a copy of Sacred Marriage to another friend, and now I'm buying and sending Hard to Concentrate to Stephen. Wow! I hope that I can find a way to bless you as much as you have done for me!

Eowyn's Heir said...

Awww, Jacqui- thank you! You DO bless me! Your enthusiasm and sincere love for Christ encourage me, and the changes I see being wrought in you remind me that He is INDEED alive, and WORKING!!! =D