Thursday, November 08, 2007

Me 'n Lex

I snapped some 'fall shots' of Jeff & Christy King for their family Thanksgiving pics, and then Christy turned the camera on me. So here I am with Alexis, one of my preschool students. Isn't she precious!?
Well... off to proof-read some Latin quizzes, and then to grade papers until my Lovely comes home. We're going out to eat tonight, to Texas Roadhouse. Here in Kentuckiana,they're donating 10% of your meal's cost to the Children's Hospital Fund this week. A good cause, I think. I'm just excited to be going out. We haven't had a meal nice-out since our honeymoon. (hehe except Q'doba's on my birthday and Chickfil'a on whims) I've got such a hot date, too. :)


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