Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving Celebration at Dorothy Sayers

On the last day before Thanksgiving Break, Dorothy Sayers' Lower School was overrun with small Pilgrims, and miniature Native Americans of no recognizable tribe! The kids LOVED the break from their uniforms, and I enjoyed having parents come in to lend their hands with special messy crafts (like squirrel feeders!-- I gathered the pinecones myself!), and reading stories about the first Thanksgiving. I had no idea how much Providence is evident the deeper you go into it. Look up, for instance, how Squanto came to speak English and be in a position to help the Pilgrims, and what his reaction was to the tragedies that befell him...

Since the hallway lighting is better than our windowless classroom's, I rounded the gang up and set them out there. Here is Tuesday's class:

It's so hard to get them all looking at once!! But it hardly matters; they're so cute. :)

On Monday, I had only girls!

My Monday class-- as far as the head-dresses go, they really really wanted to paint, so I promised them we would-- why not paint Pilgrim hats!? They certainly weren't the drab and dreary kill-joys history books have caricatured them to be! Here are some of my girls all dressed up.

Taken during bathroom break (they read books quietly while they sit "criss-cross-applesauce" waiting their turns):
Those two are nigh unto inseperable!

These sweet, spunky little ones are cousins-- one of three sets of first cousins I have in my classes.

I love that look E. is shooting the camera!

Enjoy! I sure do. :)

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