Friday, November 23, 2007

A Presley Thanksgiving, Part the Fourth: Battle of the Sexes

We brought down several games to play over the break, including this one of our wedding gifts from Kristin & Brent Cunningham. Boys play against the girls, with girls answering questions guys would likely know (sports, tools, car innerworkings, etc.), and vice versa. The results are often quite hilarious... and by the way, girls won. =D

They look stumped to me!

Grandma & Aunt Karen, wondering if the guys will know what can be 'cultured, salt, or fresh.' NOT yogurt, as one Uncle (*cough * Jeff) thought. The answer is "pearls," as the senior male team member knew.

They definitely had the cute guy on their team, though... :)

Kelly posing a q.

The Patriarch

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