Monday, November 19, 2007

My Mommy & Daddy Came to Visit

My parents drove up on Friday evening, and got to join in our Newly-Weds Bible Study fellowship night. They were entertained & impressed with the inventor of the Tweel and his lovely assistant. We talked and ate and generally had a great time. :) Then Saturday, Ryan took Dad out for breakfast at Frich's Big Boy, where both stuffed themselves and apparantly had a grand old time. It was nice for Ryan to take Dad out instead of the other way around like it always was when we were dating. Mom treated me to Starbucks and went shopping with me. We picked up stuff for our upstairs bathroom, and the house, and she got me some new teaching clothes! (I'm wearing them tomorrow, Mom!) We came home and ate and then Ryan & I headed off to celebrate a friend and his daughter's joint birthday, while Mom & Dad unloaded all the rest of my stuff that was at home (including the last of the wedding gifts, and my hope chest!), AND raked our leaves! They know how to work!! We had Hobo Casserole for supper per Ryan's request. Footage to be posted later!!

From my Mom...

Dad Driving Up
... notice the gorgeous foliage! As Sina's Dad Ed says, "Kentucky is God's country"

Sunday Lunch at the Shuey's. Morgan's giving someone a look- I think it was to me, concerning Ryan's insufferability...

Ryan & I in front of our first home :)

My Parents & Me. I miss them.

Thanks so much for coming up, Mom & Dad! I missed you all so badly today! Can't wait 'til Christmas!

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GloryandGrace said...

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!! I'm not sure how much I'm going to see you this next month since things are so insanely crazy, but I thought I'd drop you a note anyway and tell you that I'm thinking of you! Glad you had such a good time with your family, too!

Let me know if you'd like to go out for coffee sometime~