Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Presley Thanksgiving

I can't tell you how much Ryan & I enjoyed our first holiday as a married couple... The break was quite anticipated, especially for me, with my first concert coming up, grades due, and the accumulated stresses of 3 months of teaching without a break. Not that Ryan wasn't glad to not have to go to work, either... We both were pumped about seeing our family (3 months is a long time to go without seeing someone!)

Hehe... proof that not much has changed since marriage... :)

So, what does a Szrama road trip look like? Pretty much like a dating Ryan & Christina road trip did. (Except now we kiss at red lights and talk about anything and everything.) Wednesday we loaded Max up, and drove down through rain to Atlanta, GA. It rained all the way there, and then all the way back, lol. I packed us some munchies, and enough gluten-free food to last me the week (not that I ended up needing it; Ryan's Mom took care of me!). Where we are, books must be, so we listened to "The Grey King" on Audio Book, which won a Newberry Award-- in our opinion, it was a good story, but not necessarily worthy of such an award. It was fun to hear all the Welsh and Irish legends, though! By the return trip, my voice had healed enough for me to read Children of Hurin aloud... we love and hate that book!! More love than hate of course, but it's so sad!!! All our favorite characters keep dying, or doing impetuous things that end up killing other people or themselves! We have one more chapter to go, and we're "saving" it. =D Any suggestions on what to read aloud next?

..more to come...

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