Saturday, May 02, 2009

Two More Days of Wondering...

On Monday, Lord Willing, we find out whether we are proud parents of a baby boy or a girl! I can hardly wait to see our munchkin on the screen!! Ryan's parents are coming up to be there for the big moment!! We'll let you all know, of course, and will find some way to post our baby's first pictures on here.

My best friend Val is going to be induced on Tuesday, so we keep joking that she'll find out just how big her baby is on the day after we find out WHAT our baby is. I can't wait to see baby Abigail Elizabeth... and in just 3 little weeks I'll get to hold her in my arms, and my Hannah (3) & Noah (18 mos)! I am SO ready for school to be done, just so I can go be with them (up in Toronto)!

Poor Ryan has the virus I had that started the whole sinus-infection-cough-cold-flu thing. :( He's been bed-ridden and feverish, and I'm just glad I'm well enough to get up and take care of him now! Hopefully since he isn't pregnant and so doesn't have extra estrogen flooding his mucus membranes, he'll skip the sinus infection part!

EDIT: Abigail Elizabeth Powell was born on May 5th, at 11:57 AM (2 weeks early, and still get this next part) weighing 9 lbs 14 oz.
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Mommy & Baby, both looking good after quite the fast arrival!

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Noah & Hannah meeting their baby sister. Hannah's asking to hold Abby.

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I love this one of her with her big sister, Hannah. Look at that cheesy grin! I can't wait to hold them both in 2 weeks!


Jenny said...

I can't wait to hear the news!! :o)

Amy Donell Molina said...

y ?????????????????????
boy or girl? boy or girl?
blue or pink?
buttons or bows?
princesses or frogs?

Liam or Eowyn?