Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Éowyn Rose (?) Szrama,
in the flesh... well... sort of :)
in the sonic image skeletal flesh, finally digitized for her far-away devotees.

My favorite shot-- look at that tiny nose! I love her little profile, down to the mini ears.

Tiny feet! I love 'em!! I FEEL them all the time now- usually on the left side, and especially whenever I hold another child against my belly. She kicks them off...not that they ever care enough to move.

With an open mouth, you can really see her jawbone, and it makes her look kind of creepy! But a mother can still love this face.

Now you can finally see what we've seen. Three weeks later I still forget she's there sometimes, then I'll get a nudge from within and it just makes me grin. I love carrying her! She's getting bigger and stronger, and different people-- my mom, my Aunt Robin, even "my" little Hannah, and certainly her Daddy-- have gotten to feel her kick 'em. She especially kicks if I'm holding something/someone against my belly or if I'm crunched over. Then she reminds me that I am not permitted to cramp her style. I'm still hoping she has her Daddy's temperament, but I'm not counting on it... the way she kicks, especially.

Here's a picture of me at 21 weeks (2 weeks ago) so you can verify that my belly actually IS growing.

Well, I'm here in Toronto with my Powells, eating up the new baby, Abby. I can't believe we'll get out very own in 4 months! She is a beautiful, sweet baby, and I couldn't be happier than with my arms full of her soft warmth, and my nose full of her sweet baby smell. Pictures to come. Noah is an absolute doll. He laughs uproariously at the drop of a hat, which is SO fun! He doesn't talk at all (well, unless you count "DaDaDaDaDa") but he chirps and grunts at different pitches-- he has a special one for his baby sister-- and points and grins at whatever he wants. Hannah has a dimple and curls, a literary bent and an extensive vocabulary. What more could I ask? Val & Chris are such wonderful friends, and I refuse to think about leaving them in 13 days ("all ten fingers, plus three of your toes" as I told Hannah). And to top it all off, my MOM is here in Toronto with me!

I've got places to go, people to see, babies to kiss-- three of them, actually! :)
--one Éowyn's wannabe heir, and another one's Mama


Amy Donell Molina said...

YES, i look pregnant, and I definantly FEEL it too!! :)
I know what you mean about the "cramping her style" thing...Jillian doesn't like that too much either.
I love the pictures!!! It's amazing SEEING them moving around in there, and it's amazing feeling them too! I'm so happy to be pregnant, and so Thankful that God has given us this little girl. What a precious precious precious gift. I want to teach her and lover her well.
SO EXCITED FOR EOWYN!!!!!! great name! Our girlies definantly have celtic-like names. different, strong, and unique.



Ryan Szrama said...

Last I thought, Rose was out for it's back-to-backness with Szrama. Glad the images are finally digitized, though. I'll stick 'em up in a new gallery on Szrama Clan. : )

Ryan Szrama said...

Oh, and that's a cute mama at the end. ; )

Ryan Szrama said...

And of course now I see that you already put the pictures up there! I tweaked the gallery name to include the accent. ; )

Eowyn's Heir said...

Hi Daddy! I miss you. I'm sure you'll pick a good name for me. :)

Hey Love. I thought we both said we weren't sure about the back-to-backness, but that we liked the sound of the 2 first names together enough to maybe chance it... I'm fine with whatever you choose, love.
--your wife who misses you.

Jacqui O. said...

I personally think that Éowyn Rose Szrama sounds beautiful. Even though the Rose and Szrama do sort of run together, that's not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, especially when you imagine a toddler saying it, it's pretty cute. Our future baby's name is possibly Lorelai Teresa O'Kane and we noticed the same thing with the Teresa and O'Kane (I know, what a crisis, what with Lorelai's likely birth being about 7 years down the road). =)

Anyway, once again, great pictures! We can't wait to love on your baby girl, even from afar. †

Jacqui O. said...

If you're really hung up on the Rose-Szrama sound, may I humbly suggest Éowyn Noël Szrama. That looks and sounds gorgeous to me, even with the two n's back-to-back. It would also be quite appropriate, considering the time of her conception. =)

Ryan Szrama said...

I dig the Noël... will think about it. ; )

blythe said...

She's got a cute little head! It definitely is a great feeling when the baby starts moving. Pays you back for the months of nausea!

Take care!

PS Can't...try...the...liver..*gag*...yet. Not brave enough.

Eowyn's Heir said...

hey Blythe-

I promise swallowing frozen liver is WAY less gross than throwing up repeatedly. Especially when you're THROWING UP liver bile. THAT's just nasty. *shudder** It's still a recent enough memory to make me gag.

Seriously- you don't even taste or smell the liver. It's just like swallowing a vitamin or pill. I got Ryan to cut it up for me the first time, just in case I couldn't stand to look at it, but I was able to get past that no prob. Just cut the pieces small, and swallow 6 before bed. It bought me 3 months, and it was WORTH IT!!! (great for baby too)