Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Enjoying Toronto... the lesser-publicized delights

and the sights I love the most! :)
Parks! I'd never see these if I were on a Michelin Guidebook tour!

Hannah & Aunt Christina (when she says it, it sounds like "Ana Scrina")

And again! Slides really are fun!! :)

We had a little photo op...


Hannah, looking sooo sweet.

Me holding Abby (3 weeks old)... I'm so tired I look like I just delivered, lol

The happiest little man on the planet... when eating M & Ms or sliding backwards down the stairs!

Holding Abby-- this baby gets put down as little as I can help it-- between Mom & Val & I, that's not too often. I just have to put her down when my own baby gets too heavy... which is more often now, as I'm stretching faster & faster!

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