Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Enjoying Toronto... the official sights to see

Backing up to the white cliffs (like in Dover)-- Hannah & me with matching bellies (Eowyn), "Mr. Karina", Noah

Betcha didn't know Toronto had gorgeous beaches, didya!? (Lake Ontario) Hannah (3 1/2), Me, Mom & Noah (18 mos).

I Miss My Ryan... this guy's (they're all over Toronto) not the same, despite the crazy headgear... ;)

On the way to the CN Tower (Chris pushing two babies, Val w/ Hannah)

At the top of the CN Tower (the second-largest freestanding structure in the world). My Mom was too freaked out to stand on the glass floor. After a little coaxing, Hannah wasn't scared!


Chris, Noah, me & Hannah at the top of the tower (downtown Toronto)-- Val stayed below to nurse Abby

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