Friday, May 15, 2009


I finally bit the bullet and spent the morning uploading, editing and posting pictures online. I had to for school-- we had a Mother's Day Tea in my preschool classes, and part of that entails taking digital pictures of each kid w/ his/her Mommy. They get a copy of the picture as part of their gift, to go in the frame which their child has made for them (they turned out SO cute!). Anyway, since I had to do that anyway, I did the whole load and put a bunch on Facebook for your viewing pleasure. Our Spring Time album has pictures from our April trip to Abingdon, VA (Presley side of the family- Ryan's Mom's surprise 50th birthday party); Easter here in Louisville with my mamita; DSCS happenin's; and my weekend trip down to Plain Dealing & Ruston, LA for my great- grandmother's funeral (the Thompson-Hillier side of the family). I got to see all of my cousins, which is a treat for me. Andy, Riley & Conner are getting so big, and are just such wonderful boys. I love watching them take care of the younger boys in our family- Luke (3 1/2), Collin (5), and Ross (2). I briefly got to see Luke's siblings, Caroline (5) & Baby Jack (15 mos) on my way back through Nashville, too, making it ALL my Thompson cousins... always so fun.

Oh yes, and photodocumentary evidence of the spoiling our daughter is receiving in utero. :) She's already got so much adorable stuff!! We can't wait to have her out here with us to enjoy them all!

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Amy Donell Molina said...

Come on, Christina! DO YOU KNOW ME!??? I've hated the color pink for years... never wore it.
I'm JUST NOW getting warmed up to the IDEA of Jillian wearing pink... on occasion. :)
Her room's colors are limeish green, brown, light turquoise, white, and touches in there of pink. But green is the predominant color. :) (crib stuff etc...) I'm doing fairies! :)
I'm so excited about having a daughter! I always thought I would have a son first... but I'm SO EXCITED about having little Jillybean with us!! Today I started moving some things around to make room for her stuff... WAHOOO!!!!
What about names for your little girly? Has Ryan started taking it seriously yet? :)