Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Why I Try to Understand Drupalese

After wandering around all day and taking rather too long of a snooze, shall I say I did manage to catch back up with him, Lyle, Mike (from Michegan, who went to Ubercamp with us, a couple weeks back) & two other Drupalcon attendees, ...hehehe... after some confusion, at a local pizzeria off of the pedestrian-only street downtown. We really enjoyed dinner with them-- Alex is from the Czech Republic, and Boris from Slovakia. Then it was off to Port Royal, the bar where the "Welcome DrupalCon Party" had been arranged. All conference attendees were given "Free Drink" passes; I thought I'd miss out, but as the drink was some champagne-fruit syrup concoction that looked rather pretty, several of the guys in my proximity deemed them "too girly" for their liking. Not being one to waste anything, I was glad to take the tickets off their hands. :) They were yummy!!

Ok, in case you're wondering if the free cocktails are why I try to understand Ryan's shop-talk, know that it is NOT. (I could get those quite fine without talking geek, heheh) It was fun mingling with people from Ryan's geek-world. They're smart, passionate, and international. This particular community is built on open-source, which means they don't make money on the actual code they write; it's all free for anyone to copy or download. That makes them very open, collaborative and teachable. There isn't a lot of professional arrogance or back-stabbing. NICE. But no, the people aren't the why, either.

It ain't the fame, neither. I'm very proud to be "Mrs. Ubercart," for sure. Ryan's rock-star status could be rather ego-boosting for me, too! I guess it's that I want to learn my part well. "Wives, submit to your OWN husbands" means that I need to know my husband and his needs well (Eph. 5:22). I don't need to be the perfect help-meet for anyone else; I don't need to fight alongside anyone else like I do him. He is my own husband. My long-haired, php-coding, Drupal-loving, Ubercart-inventing husband. So if this is his world, it's mine, too. Not that I feel the need to learn everything about every interest or talent he has. Frankly, computer coding doesn't appeal that much to me, and at this point is rather beyond my reach. But I can learn enough to be a good listener and advisor. I can share experiences and meet people. Besides, being with him is always more fun than being without him!
So... it's late and I need to wrap this up. My afore-mentioned husband is snoozing beside me for a change- usually he's the night owl! Tomorrow?

Well, we just got back from hanging out with a lot of other conference attenders. Lots of non-believers to interact with.... though I enjoyed my day alone tomorrow and was looking forward to more "personal time" this week, I think I'll get together with some other non-Drupaler wives here tomorrow. This is one of our spheres of influence, where Christ's Name is not exalted by everyone. May He use us to change that! Besides... you never know where kindred spirits may be waiting. :) I think we womem may be going to the Salami and Paprika Museum (2 specialties of Szeged), the super-cool town water tower, Protestant church, and maybe the big ol' catholic church's one of "the seven architectural wonders" of Hungary, for whatever that's worth.

Lord willing, I'll report on all said activities later! Please pray for me. I am not naturally a loving gracious person. Pray that I will genuinely love these neighbors better than I love myself. Pray for Ryan, too, that he will boldly proclaim the Name as he is able.

--Mrs. Ubercart

(we are imitating the Ubercart logo, if you were wondering)


Jeannette said...

You might call Ryan "Mr Ubercart," but I see why Ashlea calls him "Locksley." :)

AE said...

how cool is THAT! you're in Hungary! I'm so glad you get to travel with your hubby! ENJOY!