Saturday, August 02, 2008

Back in Town!

Well, folks, it's been a whirlwind past few days, but now Ryan AND I are in Louisville for a few days straight... til I head back to Greenville briefly for my cousin Heath's graduation from Clemson!

Where were we, you ask? Well, last weekend Ryan & his team at work hosted an "Ubercamp" at Lake Cumberland, on his boss' family houseboat. Imagine-- people coming crazy distances just to spend some time coding together and listening to some expert talk. I would call them crazy, except for the expert being Ryan; I can understand people doing any length of tricks to get within talking distance of HIM... I mean, I'd even move pick up and leave everything I knew and move 4 states away to be with him! hhehehe ok ok so I was glad to have a chance to enjoy Lake Cumberland for the first time, and to go tubing & swimming & boating again-- I've sure missed that these past 2 summers! (my Uncle Steve, Aunt Olga & cousins Heath & Derek have made SURE I had lots of encounters with lake water at high speeds) Ryan was an instant convert to lake-loving-- yay! Anyway, we enjoyed YUMMY steak and brotwurst and fresh-off-the-cob corn from Michigan, marinated in garden-fresh rosemary & garlic which another coder brought with her from California! Yipee! Pics posted on picasa here.

I sat in on most of the Uber-speak, when Ryan laid out the vision for this version of his shopping cart program (Ubercart; one cart to rule them all), and then everyone discussed & gave ideas, etc. I could follow most of it :). It was great for me to be more in "his" realm of expertise, and I ALWAYS enjoy people who agree with me about my husband's genius. =D I also enjoyed getting to personally meet & know people with whom he communicates regularly online, as well as Ryan's co-workers at Prima-- I'd better like them, 'cause we're gonna be "stuck" together in Budapest for 9 days together!

As always, I was very proud to be
-- "Mrs. Ubercart"

p.s. I LOVE this one... taken in our home Thursday night; Mike & Tim (the two Michigan guys) stayed with us so they could have a whole day of uber-coding Friday. That's Tim, Ryan, and ...Walsch... our grotesque (though we call him a gargoyle. One of these days we're gonna attach him to our balcony. For now he's in our fireplace, in what Ryan refers to as "the Batcave.")

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Glenn and Helen Sarratt said...

Be sure to go to Clemson for Heath's graduation--not Furman!