Friday, August 15, 2008

Finally, You Can SEE our Home

See, I left my camera down in Greenville when I went in July, so we've been a little image-impaired around here. Now I can let our far-away family and friends see towards what we've been toiling. :)

Our porch swing!! (a wedding gift given by my grandmother)

Our Living Room (pre-hung photos)Yes, that is our "gargoyle," Walsch in the fireplace... or as Ryan calls it "the Batcave."
Close-up of our mantle. I have fun arranging stuff, can you tell?
Couch, love seat, ottoman, recliner, coffee/end tables, coasters-- all gifts! Some of you may also recognize wedding gifts YOU gave us! Thank you so much. We are still praising God for His kindness to us through all of you.

Ryan's relics from his previous life... I allow them. Aren't I generous?

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