Saturday, August 16, 2008

This Time Last Year

...I was enjoying a Girls Nite Out back in Greenville, SC... with my sisters, cousin Adri, other bridesmaids Amy Donell & Melissa Roberts, plus my childhood buddy Rebecca Nigh & my Furman music friend Katie Lewis... after much confusion, we DID find our hotel! ...we played games, ate pizza, laughed way too hard, enjoyed the breakfast buffet, and actually did get some sleep (this bride-to-be was DETERMINED not to be Bridezilla due to lack of sleep). I still can't remember what all we played ...Apples to Apples, maybe? Anyway, it was fun, and I was so thrilled to be with "the girls" one last time before I moved away for good.

I love you girls, and am thinking especially about you tonight. Praise God for the love of friends and family!

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