Sunday, August 24, 2008

We Made It!

Hello from Budapest, Hungary!

Ryan & I found wireless internet access at, of all places, a McDonalds! We are loving it here; got to bathe in the famous hot thermal baths earlier today, and have walked all over the city. Our luggage was lost on the way over, but God heard our prayers and they were delivered, all articles accounted for, late in the night. The goulash here is amazing (it's like the national stew-- famous apparently), and we've also enjoyed other dishes we've tried. I LOVE being able to tour a new place with my husband! It's so much fun! So far everyone speaks English, even different europeans to each other. good thing, because I don't speak or read any of the languages posted on signs-- Polish, Chsech, Hungarian and Romanian. The only one I can limp along in is German...

I haven't forgotten my students, though. I've had to send in assignments and such for my choir especially... And been wondering how pre-k is going...

Well, McDo's is closing down, so I best be gone... God bless! Vizslot! (good-bye)

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