Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Two Days

with two class picnics & an orientation (all for my preschool classes) yesterday, lots of prep work today, and an orientation tomorrow (for choir), it's hard to believe that Ryan & I will be leaving for Hungary in TWO days!

Will I have everything ready by then? I think Pre-K will be fine... the Lord provided substitutes & child care... those subs have received lesson plans, Ashlea helped me cut out all the craft stuff and cute stuff to set up the room, and the orientation packet is over with. But choir? My blood pressure struggles to sky-rocket every time I think about it, and I struggle to subdue the panic. I am unbelievably fatigued these days, and don't quite understand it. I will now go to bed to preserve my health & sanity (and the sanity of my hubby), and come back tomorrow to finish ...choir stuff...

Pray for us and rejoice with us! Hungary, wow!!

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melandaaron said...

Hungary, thats awesome! Why are you going ? Well, I pray that you will have a safe trip, and your worries will be eased!