Friday, August 14, 2009


Remember all those fabrics I bought "for the nursery?" Well, now they are no longer mere pieces of fabric! I've had so much fun making 3 fitted crib sheets (one red cotton, one red flannel and one navy cotton), and this little crib quilt, which I finished quilting last night.

Close-up of the quilting I did around some of the sailboats.

Today Nicole, Mom & I are painting little shelves, and Nicole's going to help me do some cool wall-hangings, also with the fabrics, so they'll make it on here soon. :)

I'm having contractions every day now-- just Braxton-Hicks "practice labor," but it's a constant reminder that I don't have much longer to get ready for her! Soon she'll be HERE!

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Sara said...

yahoo! I love all your sewing craftiness!