Monday, August 10, 2009

Our Trip 'Round South

Ryan & I got back safe & sound from our trip through TN to Abingdon, VA, then on through the Blue Ridge to my ol' stompin' grounds of Greenville, South Carolina. We had a wonderful trip-- everything from the Virginia Highlands Festival (where we snagged a REALLY cute matted print of a baby raccoon to frame) to our first baby shower to my sister's church wedding shower was enjoyable. I will post more (and pictures!) soon, but I am still not up to par as far as awakeness goes. Yes, it is 10:48 am... I am suspecting that the fish oil capsules I've started taking contain some soy product in them, despite not being listed on the label, because I am definitely reacting allergically to something.

Oh well. I'll spend the day trying to get back on my feet, maybe start Eowyn's quilt (I finished her sheets!!), and make some headway on my pre-K curriculum... go grocery shopping too.

We cleaned the house super-thoroughly before we went out of town, and I LOVE it!! :) May make it a habit, lol.

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