Saturday, October 18, 2008

We've Been Out Adventuring

Well, I'm about to fall asleep and drool all over the keys (which Ryan would not like), so this is brief. If you didn't know, Ryan & I took a road trip last weekend up to Pennsylvania, and got back Monday. I went to work Tuesday, and our parents (Szrama side) came to visit later that evening. They've been here all week, and we've been doing stuff... miraculous events are taking place all around our home-- like stuff getting cleaned and fixed; it's amazing! =D Anyway, not much time to blog between company and me still working every day and trying to stay healthy. I did finally put together two photo albums from our trip:

The Wedding
(2nd Szrama Wedding in as many years! Everyone kept joking that Ryan & I'd given them a really good rehearsal last year, so they knew all about the pictures and the walking in and out. His dad even got to blow the shofar again.).

Other pictures


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Jeannette said...

Excellent picture of you and Ryan!