Monday, October 27, 2008

Edjumacation at its Best

This is incredibly sad...

The saddest part is that these people WILL vote, and likely a lot of people are just as clueless as these 3 were. Some people will vote for McCain because they don't want a black person, others will vote because they want a female VP, and others will vote for Obama for the exact opposite reasons-- they WANT a black person... regardless of each potential-president's policies, view, voting record, or character. This clip also demonstrates the complete power of the press in our nation-- if a person on "the news" says something, many people will just think it's true, with no research or questioning of the newscaster's bias at all.

Please, don't be like these.

Think, pray, evaluate, research... THEN vote.

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Jameson said...

This is very sad... I just hope that these folks are where the supposed Obama Lead is based, I also hope that they have been as equally educated on the date that they should vote for Obama... Nov. 5th right? ;)