Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Gospel Makes Community

...No... make that four pictures of the Gospel:

The fourth Gospel-image I saw in this wedding was the joyful, sacrificial giving our church community displayed. It was so "natural" that it was obviously an overflow of the love of God welling up in hearts, because the kind of serving and giving I witnessed and partook in is NOT "natural!" All day Saturday friends decorated the sanctuary, de-junked the Fellowship Hall and decorated it, and did everything in their power to make the wedding smooth and beautiful. They decorated a home volunteered for a bridal shower, and brought food and gifts and encouragements for the bride-to-be. On Sunday more friends did hair, did makeup, steamed/ironed dresses, videotaped, played music, photographed, baked a wedding cake, prepared and served food, and cleaned up afterward, not to mentioned shared in the joy of their Sister and their Brother. Again, that is the transforming reconciling Grace of God at work, clearly. I pray it was noticed and wondered at by all the non-believers there!

So many joyful faces
The cake made by Warren Kesselring (how cool is HE!??)...
Athena & I thought we were pretty clever in using an old desk for the "cake table"-- don't it look purty?
Every one of those tablecloths was loaned by women in the church. How cool is that!? And the fact that you don't see any chairs stacked or old tables stacked against the walls in that picture is a sign of our hard work the day before-- we were so pleased with how well the former dumping-ground of our church cleaned up!! :)
Some pictures from decorating on Saturday (I can't claim any part in the beauty of the sanctuary-- that was all Lynn Shreve & Athena Kesselring!):

Athena (and Oliver) in action.
Now that is decorating talent: one-handed with a baby on her hip.

Natasha, who helped prepare & serve all the food for the reception, as she gives me a characteristic "are you taking a picture of ME, young lady!??" :)

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