Friday, October 10, 2008

Arrived in Altoona, PA

My brother(in law) Greg gets married on Sunday to Miss Kendi Tremmel, so here we are in a corner of the country heretofore unexplored by the SzramaClan! While I'm thrilled for Greg & Kendi, and am thrilled to have another sister (yay for girls outnumbering boys at holidays, hehehe)... I must say I'm relishing my last 2 days as Courtney's favorite sister-in-law, and the favorite daughter-in-law... ;) No seriously, we cannot WAIT to see everyone and to get to witness God's goodness in action as He brings Greg & Kendi together for the rest of their lives!!! He is so kind!

Ryan & I enjoyed a BEAUTIFUL drive up from Louisville, through lovely fall colors and rolling hills, and over lots of rivers. The only thing I could have asked for was a less warm day! (I was dressed in long sleeves). We enjoyed the whole drive, complete with good music and Starbucks treats (compliments of my students' families)... honey sticks (nothing like raw honey to give you that extra "umph")... nice fast food... and the prettiest rest stops I've ever seen! I am really enjoying Wives and Daughters which is our Book Club's selection this month. Someone has called it the "most underrated novel in the English language," and I quite agree! It's like Jane Austen, but faster-paced, and the characters provide some "I've got to read this aloud" funny parts. Speaking of reading aloud, we finished CS Lewis' Out of the Silent Planet as we got into dark Pennsylvania... that was right about where the driving got slooooow, circuituous and construction-y. :( But we made it without incident! Here we are in our room:
We are sad because we are so tired...

Me keeping Ryan from taking over the world... I mean room

Better view of our actual room. Man I want to go to bed so badly!

P.S. I am also modeling several of my birthday gifts.... dude, I am one decked-out-for-fall chick this season! I love it! That's the Clemson shirt from Anna, the silver chain necklace from Grandma P., the headband from Mama Lulu, and the new glasses I got from you, Mom!! THANK YOU ALL!! We marvel at the Lord's provision through you!


Ashlea Davenport said...

Yay for new glasses!

Jeannette said...

Ashlea gave me Wives and Daughters a couple years ago for my birthday. I almost think I prefer the story over Pride and that scandalous? ;)