Saturday, October 11, 2008

Happy Birthdays!

From Yesterday, October 10th:

Courtney Lin Elder, my sweet little sister-in-law, now 17!!

With cousins Kasey & Kelly (she's the one in blue)
We love you so much, Courtney, and are so proud of you. Remember every time that Ryan torments you that he does it because he adores you. :)

Today, October 11th:
Karina Ruiz Thompson (nee Vera Karina Ruiz Cabrera),
my darling Mommy, turning the big 5-0!!
She & my dad at my wedding last August
As you can see, she is still and always gorgeous.

I know this isn't the greatest picture of her, but I love it because it shows her doing what she so often does, and does so well: be a mother to others. Doesn't matter if you're 4 or 14 or 24; she'll love you, listen to, feed you and set you straight. :) We your children arise and call you blessed, Mom.

Courtney Ruiz Weber, turning 14 today!
A Ruiz family group shot from August, at my cousin Heath's graduation (he's front and center-- we are all so proud of him! She's the beautiful tall brown one to the far left.)
I was Courtney's nanny for a full summer when she was about 6, and her & Justin's babysitter until I left for college. You will always be special to me, always "my baby" because I have loved you and helped care for you so many times. I can't believe you are so tall and grown-up. Just the other day you were ecstatic at being "as tall as [my] leg!" I miss you and pray for you all the time. May you continue to grow to be a beautiful woman inside and out... one made beautiful because she is hoping in God as she submits to the authority in her life.
(1 Peter 3]

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your mom is stunning in your wedding pics!! Gorgeous!