Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Washing of Our Feet

Well... this is LONG in reporting, but our upstairs walls are PAINTED!!! Let's just say that the last 2 weekends have been full ones. I've spent the past two days recuperating, or being lazy, or something. Finally here I am posting, and you know how that goes: when it rains, it POURS! :)

So, while Ryan was on the Retreat, and Melissa was here with me, we had a painting marathon upstairs (thankfully it wasn't so hot yet!). The next two days saw our upstairs transformed. Saturday morning, Katye, Kristy, Corrie Ann (fellow teacher at DSCS... they call her, me, and Sarah Bebee the Three Musketeers. I guess Suzanne Clark is D'Artagnan.), Ashlea, Melissa and I tackled the walls. Whew! Taping takes FOREVER!! Sunday evening, Ben & Amanda, Willy, and faithful Ashlea and came over (Ryan slept through it all; poor guy injured his knee on the hike) and we got the last bit done.

We felt amazingly loved (again!) by our church family and friends. I mean, who spends their Saturday- in Ashlea's case- entire weekend (she came with us Friday to pick out the paint, too!)- to paint a friend's upstairs!??


"...In any ordinary place/in any ordinary day/ the parable can live again/when one will kneel/ and one will yield/ our Savior Servant will show us how/ through the will of the water/ and the tenderness of the towel/

The space between ourselves sometimes/is more than the distance between the stars/by the fragile bridge of the servant's bow/we take up the Basin and the Towel/

And the call is to community: the impoverished power that sets the soul free/ in humility to take the vow/ that day after day, we will take up the Basin and the Towel."

--Michael Card, "The Basin & the Towel" for the buffing and re-application of poly coats... that's this weekend's project!


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GloryandGrace said...

We sang that song at church just a couple of weeks ago! I had never heard it, but I immediately became a fan :)

I love the colors in your upstairs~