Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Road Trip!

Like I said, Ryan doesn't have a lot of vacation days lying around ...some week-long trip last August ate all the non-Thanksgiving-or-Christmas ones up... His boss is gracious, however, and allows him to make up the hours he misses by working from home, which he can easily do, since he works online! We've been "in the hole" since April's trip to Oregon, but that hasn't stopped us from having fun anyway. :) Last weekend, Ryan's side of our family was moving, and our friends Jacqui & Stephen were tying the knot, IN THE SAME WEEKEND, so we packed up and headed to Georgia. We worked hard for 2 days, and then enjoyed a mini-vacation Saturday & Sunday, having our family's new place to ourselves for the weekend (sadly, the weekend was also Grandma & Grandpa Presley's 50th wedding anniversary... WAAAH for missing that!!!).

I posted a lot of pictures online already, so to avoid duplicating my work, here are some highlights:

Unpacking the LAST load!

Courtney & I spent most of 2 days together, packing, loading, driving & unloading. We were quite proud of ourselves. :) (And glad to have another girl to be with!)

Dad & Sarah (such a good dog!)

Most of the Furman crowd present

The Szramas & the O'Kanes

I think it's a pretty cool shot, don't you?

Heheh... on the way back home. (we fit the parcels to the side of the truck IN the cab. Not pictured: two pillows, and two people) Ryan's comment when I asked how we'd fit them in the truck: "I've got straps." His comment when brainstorming how we'd get furniture upstairs (our stairs leave no room for turning): "I've got straps." The newest answer to life, Anna! Maybe we should start a campaign "Straps for World Icon?" (to replace our childhood coalition "Tape for World Icon")

--Christina, the family chronicler

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