Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Breath of Home-scented Air

So, let's start 2 weekends ago-- the last weekend in May/first day of June. First off, my friend Melissa and her mom Maggie (who is also my friend :D) came to visit us from Greenville! Melissa was a bridesmaid in my wedding, as well as the pianist and has been a partner in crime (especially the musical variety) since high school. It was SUCH a blessing to have her here. Partly I enjoyed her because she was like a breath of home-scented air to me --we recounted the days of Larry and Larry-Jerry-Jr., a faux family tree which we were wacky enough to fabricate, and which somehow ended by encompassing a good portion of our church youth group... and all sorts of other things. I also loved showing her & Maggie around our neck of the woods, especially with Ryan here, because I jump at ANY chance of blending our two worlds (Ryan's & mine). With Greenville 4 states away and gasoline at an all-time high, and vacation days at an all-time low, those opportunities are rarer and rarer... And then Melissa is the world's best guest -- I'm making mental note to copy her when I stay with someone next. And then... it was MELISSA!!

We took 'em to Dairy Del, fully "breaking them in" to the neighborhood by walking there. Don't worry, it's perfectly safe, just a little hair-raising at times, since you have to walk right by an AA half-way house, and a meeting let out JUST as we walked past... on the way we ran into a buddy of ours from church, Ed. The Lord has just saved Ed, whom Ryan met through his ministry at the Transformation House, a local gospel-based half-way house, which lives up to its name. The Gospel really IS the power of God! It can transform ANYONE!! Anyway, we enjoy spending time with this new brother. New believers have so much joy; it's inspiring!! Here are some pics of our Dairy-Del excursion.

Ed, Maggie, Melissa, Me, Ryan's spot

Can I do it?

They appear to doubt my abilities...

HAH! I showed THEM!

Ed, quite amused at my antics

Being goofy with Ryan

Altogether appropriate newly-wedded bliss

Friday night Ryan took off to be manly on the IBC Men's Retreat at Red River Gorge, leaving Melissa & I to explore Louisville. I was pretty boring, I guess. Paint shopping. Church stuff. (including an 8 am prayer meeting) Painting. Melissa was a trooper, that's for sure! We did compare 2 local coffee shops, both run by Christians who go to the same church, lol: Quills & Sunergos, both of us preferring the atmosphere at Quills (it seems to be a gender thing; Ryan swears by Sunergos' atmosphere). We also managed to identify ALL of the greens we received in our box from our CSA (Community-Supported Agriculture; we get a box of veggies each week. from a local farmer. Unpredictable and yummy!), making use of "The Joy of Cooking" and the internet when stumped.

I enjoyed having my friend here, very much, and am plotting and scheming to get her back in Louisville long-term! In the meantime, please pray for her as she serves with Wycliffe Bible Translators in the Pacific Rim this summer. I can't wait to hear what God does with her!!

Below are pictures of the Very Manly Retreat. I make no comment and leave you to draw your own conclusions:

--Chrisseeteena (as Nathan Wessel used to call me)

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