Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A Walk in Shelby Park



Shelby Park.

Sarah, excited and happy and free.

Crazy Paton (we say "Sina's getting walked by the dog").

John, lagging behind with "his hobo bag"

Jenna faces...Jenna feet...

Jenna in General.

Juice cups.

Morgan half grown-up.

John's swordfighting leaps.

Baby Abigail, sleeping safe & warm like every baby should.

These are the moments I savor like summer watermelon-- slices of sweet, hot days.


AE said...

update already!!! tell us how your engagement is going in KY when you're TOGETHER!!!!! how are wedding plans coming... although, i guess the majority of the plans should be done right? Less than a month!!! what's the count?


Ryan said...

Well, Christina and I have decided to abandon our ambitions and live as freeloaders on the government, setting up tents behind the swimming pool buildings in Shelby Park. It's not too scary as long as you sleep in between the pit bulls. We think we'll start planning the wedding next week... been too busy beating our favorite video games to fool with it all summer!