Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Ryan's First Wedding

I mean his first time OFFICIATING a ceremony. (Saturday, June 30th-- same time Todd & Kara Edwards were getting married in Pennsylvania!)

Details to come... pictures for now :)

Preparation-- definitely the most challenging part. I got to help him find vows and type them up. Gave us some good ideas for our own ceremony comin' up!

Mollee (the bride), getting ready

The wedding & reception were in this Forest Museum of sorts-- beautiful! The windows gave a gorgeous view of the Indiana farmland. We're going to make a trip to the orchard nearby (Hubris Orchard). The Shueys, with Sarah & Abigail, are gonna come too if we can work it out!

Ryan praying with Mollee and Shawn. He did a wonderful job in the delivery. God answered prayer!-- he was clear, to the point, personal, and not mincing in his words of charge to the couple and the audience. He presented the Gospel (which is inherently central to any wedding, whether the couple knows it or not) very clearly and simply. Made me proud, and very thankful. :)

A new favorite of mine

(Can you see the rolling hills behind the happy couple?)

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