Tuesday, July 03, 2007

My New Room

Behold my setup at 719 Gwendolyn Street, upstairs front bedroom. :)
Bethany [Moore] had it set up in a blue and brown color scheme, which suited me just fine. ...the only challenge has been integrating frames and decorations from a green-and-purple scheme. I just plain couldn't use some stuff. lol as if I needed any more frames out! I had fun rotating pics, and figuring out how best to arrange them all. The other night I stayed up WAY too late doing that. Those of you who recently saw my room back in Greenville may be able to tell which pictures are differently framed, or are new! :)
View upon entering. The windows provide a lovely light. It's quite a large room, too!

As before, the nightstand is the place for Ryan's Shrine.
(Notice the sweet card & flowers he had to welcome me home!)

The view from by the bed. The table & stools are gift from Dave & Sina [Shuey], who recently bought a bigger kitchen table, so now all 5 of them can fit around it! :)

My closet and 2nd nightstand-- another gift from Dave & Sina. I'm rather proud of the organization of my closet. Things fit rather nicely. And I just did my first load of Louisville-dirtied laundry today.

The view of Shelby Park ("the park") from my window. 5 mornings a week I start out my day running there, sometimes accompanied by Sina. See how close it is? And the church is only a block to the right. I cut through the back yard, an then through Mark & Libbie Timmons' yard, directly behind us, then cross the street (Oak St.-- where Dave & Sina live), and pass 5 houses, for a 2 minute commute to church. It's great!

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