Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Two Sets of "Tony & Angie"s

I realized I have pictures of both of them, so y'all can see them!

The Hepp variety
Ryan knew Tony through Cross of Calvary Baptist in Corydon, IN. We ate sushi with them last week. Tony just graduated from Southern & they'll be moving to Texas on August 18th...sadly for us!

The Taylor Variety (married on May 5th!)
They're members at Immanuel with us, and we have Bible Study on Thursdays at their house. Ryan usually dresses up for the occasion, as the following picture will show

(sporting Tony's daughter Destiny's, nicknamed Nini (aged 4), hair tie. He thought he knew how to 'work' them, but didn't really. So Angie & I showed him how it was done.)

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