Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Showers of Blessing

Here are some pictures from the shower my home church, Grace Baptist of Taylors, and Tia Olga threw for Ryan & I this weekend. The womenfolk of Ryan's family all came down (or up, depending on where they live normally); his grandmother Martha Presley, his Mom Tamara, his sister Courtney, his Aunt Karen, and his cousin Kelly (Kasey couldn't make it). My maternal grandmother, Lulu (aka Mama Lulu) came as well, and of course the Greenville Tias came-- Olga & Sylvia. It was the first time the grandmothers met, as well as some of the other family members. It was also the long-awaited first time Ryan met my sister Nicole's boyfriend, Colin-- they've been hearing about each other for months now, lol. Though, Colin, i don't think the gift you let Nicole put your name on made the best impression... since when is Sense & Sensibility a guy movie? ;D

I can go on and on about how wonderful the whole weekend was, and I probably WILL eventually, ...I mean, my family really outdid themselves, and so many sweet memories were made... but I HAVE to get these lesson plans started, so I'll post these pictures to appease some of you clamoring for updates, as a temporary/intermediate fix.

The plans for teaching the very DAY after we get back from our honeymoon daunt me a little. I was wanting to be made more to feel my dependance on, even my desperate need for Divine Grace... I think this is an answer to those prayers!

Love and grace,



Ryan said...

Oh my... you look beautiful. :) I had a wonderful time with family and friends. Couldn't have had a better weekend, and I'm glad the guys won Battle of the Sexes. (Though it seems to me that winning might mean losing in that game...)

Jacquita Banana said...

Hey Christina! I always love to read your blog; it is so cheery and uplifting.

I just started my first full-time job on Monday and it has really exhausted me. I'm a Customer Service Representative at the local hospital, and I am constantly busy. But I'm making good money in an environment I love, so I really can't complain...too much. =)

Although I know that you're busy, it would be great if you could email/call me sometime and let me know where Stephen and I will be staying for your wedding. I am so excited for you!!!